ECN - C&C Collectors Car

These days there are so many ways to sell a collectors car that one could be forgiven for finding it difficult to decide which is in your best interests.We advise collectors on the advantages and pitfalls of private sales and help them through the entire process, ensuring that they present  their cat to the best possiblle effect and obtain the keenest terms in any sale.
We have years of good will behind us working with collectors and dealers in Europe, Asia and the USA, which give us a network of contacts.Our aim is to ensure that the collectors and dealers make the right choices at every step and walk away at the better deal.
We promise discretion and trasparent, objective advice of the highest order, we believe we offer a unique array of facilities to aspiring collectrs alike.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Ringraziamo tutti i nostri clienti e dealers che in questi anni hanno riposto la loro stima e fiducia nel nostro lavoro e proposte.
Paolo Volpi




( 2013-05-03)